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As a professional Author, my aim is to create a better understanding of the world and how we fit in it - a mission which has cast me in many different roles: author, publisher, and creative innovator.

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I am extremely proud and honored to share my first and latest page turners with you. My close friends and family know how much work was put into getting my books ready for release and publication. I'm so excited to share Shattered in a Split Second, and my newest release,  Be Still and Stop Blaming God with a wider audience.

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Blessings are available to the extent that we are willing to apply our faith and confess that it is ours.


New York author Vanessa Richardson Bagby Tells true-life account of her unbearable pain as she relives those awful moments in this heart-throbbing mysterious story of her family's survival which started in August 2005 after her eldest son was riding his motorcycle on the outskirts of New York City and was struck by a distracted driver.


Both a cautionary tale and a love letter to her child, Vanessa Richardson Bagby has written a heartfelt memoir about what happens to an entire family in the aftermath of a tragedy.

Shattered in a Split Second ask, when the world shuts down on you, and there's nowhere to turn, what do you do? Do you crumble to your knees, or do you stand tall?





   "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything."

Vincent Van Gogh


See What People Say About

Shattered in a Split Second

Very compelling heartfelt true life story kept me turning the pages. Knowing many of the people mentioned personally made me relive the emotions and feelings all the more. Although the author is telling her story it parallels many facets of my own in dealing with family, love, loss, expectations and the most constant theme for me, at least an awesome God that makes even the impossible possible. I thank the author for being so honest and courageous.


I am so happy that I purchased two copies of what I found to be an honest look into what goes on in one's life that people don't see. Clear and easy read that I would encourage for everyone who needs an extra ounce of faith, or, to understand what faith can do.


One of the most riveting and heartfelt books I've read in a long time. This well written piece flows seamlessly between past and presents trails and triumphs and is a prime example of how faith and sacrifice can move mountains. A must read for anyone who has endured anything and felt they would never make it through.


Lastest Book


I've been working on this latest release for quite some time now and can't wait for you to read it.  My new book first started as a sequel to Shattered in a Split Second, but soon turned into a fascinating undertaking which I couldn't stop thinking about writing. Click the "Buy Now" button below to order your copy today and let me know what you think.


New Release: September 2019


"Be Still and Stop Blaming God"

Your marriage can be doing well. You and your partner have distinguished careers, a beautiful home, and healthy, impressive children. Life can be going great. Then boom! Tragedy strikes. And the first thing you do is ask God, “Why me?” We’ve all been there, asking unanswerable questions and looking to God, not for solace but to express rage. But how productive is that really?


In her unique take on religious faith in our contemporary world, Vanessa writes from her perspective on why she believes the majority of life’s woes are self-inflicted conditions which can only be changed in one’s mind.  


Be Still originates from a series of lessons acclaimed writer Vanessa Bagby learned after a horrific motorcycle accident almost killed her son and changed her own life forever. Only through the grace of God was she able to get past the trauma. As her son battled through recovery, he eventually asked, “Mom, why didn’t God just let me die?” Her answer was swift and firm. “Because it wasn’t God who tried to kill you!”


Vanessa grew up, fearing God. She thought God would harm her if she misbehaved. What made her afraid of God? She didn't know Him, and she never understood God as she appreciates Him today. Vanessa came to realize that our urge to blame God when disasters happen is understandable but misguided. This is hard-won information learned over many tribulations and years and years of individual study and knowledge.


Be Still and Stop Blaming God is a powerful, inspiring and an encouraging word, which will have readers exploring their inner being so profoundly that if one has ever blamed God, given up on God, and lost faith in God in this book, one will find Him again.

Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever".

He doesn't change, we do !

Told From My Perspective, Not Yours

Be Still And Stop Blaming God

Excerpt #1

From my perspective, organized religion is an identifier people use based on their environments and cultural and community upbringings. for example, if I was born and nurtured in India, I would most likely follow Indian religious and cultural traditions, where the pathway to God is Hinduism. Like in Japan the major religion is Buddhism and I would probably identify as a Buddhist. The same logic applies to countries across Africa, Central America, Northen Europe, and basically every region in the world.


Fortunately, most religions are more alike than they are different. This leads me to believe we are all praying to the same God no matter how we identify religiously. In other words, our pathways to developing a relationship with God might be different, but the destination is the same. 

Excerpt #2

The God I serve is a God of unconditional love, compassion, patience, understanding, mercy, and grace. He is a forgiving God of second, third, and fourth chances and more. I believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ. Never was I taught to believe in a denomination such as Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Muslim, or Presbyterian. My Father, as I understand Him, requires me to believe He is God, my Savior, and my Lord.

Excerpt #3

Being raised in a Baptist church somehow I never acquired a religious title. I don’t remember very much. My childhood years have somehow been blocked from my memory. When I speak to others about their formative years, many can remember when they were four, five, six and seven in detail. But for me, I can’t remember, and if I do have any memories of my childhood years, they’re not the fondest memories with the exception of one.


Vanessa Bagby has always been enthusiastic about great writing, and couldn't be happier to have turned her passion into a thriving career as a professional Author. With digital and online technology continuing to disrupt the print industry, she must provide an accessible place where she can connect with a broader audience.


Vanessa was born and raised in Mount Vernon, New York. Currently, she is a Career and Technical Educator, a Mentor, and an Inspirational Speaker. She aims to inspire others to triumph over all obstacles as they strive to reach their goals.


She is a graduate of the University of Phoenix, and she currently holds a Master of Arts in Education, a Bachelor of Science in Community and Human Services, and an Associate degree in Human Ecology/Fashion Design. Also, she holds a License and Teacher’s Certificate in Cosmetology and is one of 6 founders families of "Naomi's Program of Excellence", an after-school educational program that helps our youth excel.


As a certified vocational educator, she sees greatness and potential in young people and exhibits the ability to encourage her students to be caring and supportive decision-makers, as they master their problems and invest in their futures. She is a visionary that many seek out for advice.


Vanessa resides upstate New York with her family.



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